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Group Accounts

group of companies is required to prepare group accounts for the group as a whole which are called consolidated group accounts.  In addition to the consolidated accounts the Holding Company is required to prepare a set of accounts including the transactions of the Holding company with everybody else .


The consolidated accounts are almost always what matter to investors. These consolidated accounts are often called group accounts and we at KRA have the expertise needed to produce these group accounts and complete the audits required in a timely and efficient manner to help you manage your business and fulfil your reporting requirement.


The consolidated Profit and Loss account of your group accounts includes the profit and loss account of all subsidiaries and the company’s share of profits made by associated companies and joint ventures. If any subsidiaries are not fully owned then a deduction will be made further down the Profit and Loss Account for the profits attributable to minority interests.


The consolidated balance sheet similarly shows the amounts of assets and liabilities of the company and all its subsidiaries. It also shows The value of holdings in associates and joint ventures.


We will take time to keep the regulatory requirements of your group of companies as simple as possible and will perform the function of a fully qualified financial controller if you are a small group of companies or we will liaise with and support your financial controller and the directors of the company if you are a larger group.


How we can help


If you would like to discuss any of the above please contact KR Accountants so we can arrange a No obligation FREE initial meeting to carry out a business review were we will offer you a FIXED FEE accountancy service with no hourly charges or hidden costs.

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