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Company Accounts

Directors of limited companies in the UK have to prepare and issue limited company accounts to the company’s shareholders.


These limited company accounts need to comply with the Companies Act and Generally Accepted Accounting Practices.


We at KR Accountants specialize in preparing accounts for small and medium sized companies.


Company Accounts have to be filed each year with Companies House and these accounts provide a summary of the financial performance of the company for the period concerned and a “snapshot” of its balance sheet at the year-end date.


These limited company accounts are also known as statutory accounts.


Statutory accounts are by definition what is required by law to report the financial performance and financial position of a business to the stakeholders of the business.


If your company is classified as a small company by the companies act you are not required

to have an independent audit by a qualified auditor such as KR Auditors.


If you are a medium company or a large company then your company accounts will need auditing by a qualified auditor such as  KR Auditors.


How we can help


If you would like to discuss any of the above please contact KR Accountants so we can arrange a No obligation FREE initial meeting to carry out a business review were we will offer you a FIXED FEE accountancy service with no hourly charges or hidden costs.

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