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Offshore Company Formation Services

Offshore company formationin a tax free haven can have multiple benefits in the form of asset retention and the less stringent declaration requirements.The anonymity afforded by some jurisdictions allows individuals to protect their assets from the outside world.

At Keith Rogers Accountants we have experience in registering offshore companies in many of the attractive countries of the world and have extensive knowledge of local conditions and the pros and cons of each jurisdiction.

Offshore company formation and its interaction with UK taxation laws and regulations can be a complex area. The service we provide is aimed at ensuring that, whilst being fully compliant with these laws, the opportunities to maximise personal wealth are fully taken advantage of.

The philosophy of Omega Accountancy has been to provide services on an individual basis and is far removed from a “one size fits all” approach. With this in mind, we have designed a two tier offshore company formation system which allows both clients and non clients to choice the levels of service which is right for them.

Offshore Formation Execution Only Service

This service is design for clients and customers who know which offshore company formation they require and wish to purchase it.

Our material covering each offshore jurisdiction is quite comprehensive and is designed to cater for any specific questions customers might have relating to a particular geographical area.

Armed with this information, it might well be possible for them to use our execution only system and save money on the registering of their company.

Offshore Registration Consultation Service

This service is designed for clients and customers who require a little extra help with their offshore company formation. It allows for a full consultation on the options available and on which registration would match the customer’s requirements.

The consultation covers the full implications of registering an offshore company and the likely effects on other aspects of the client’s activities.

Whichever service is selected, clients will find that both are competitively priced and offer good value for money. They can of course rest assured that the levels of service will be exemplary.