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Setting up a UK company

We have listed below some of the requirements of setting up a company in the UK which we at KRA will gladly take full responsibility for on your behalf.
In order to register a company the following information must be provided on the ‘Statement of First Directors and Secretary’ to Companies House:
An acceptable company name which is not identical to another registered company, as this will not be accepted. The full name of a limited company must also end with the word ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’. Details of at least one director and one company secretary (a sole director may not also be the secretary), including personal details such as residential address, date of birth and nationality. Details of the registered office address of the company to where official correspondence will be sent. This is usually the address of the Company’s accountant, solicitor, or the trading address of the Company.

The above must be accompanied by the Memorandum and Articles of

Memorandum – this sets out the name, authorised share capital, the number and nominal value of shares issued, names and addresses of initial members (shareholders), the powers and the
objects of the company.

Articles – these are the internal rules of conduct of the company. The above is filed together with a ‘Statement of Compliance’ with Companies House and the Registrar of Companies will issue a Certificate of Incorporation confirming the company name and registered number. A company does not legally exist until the certificate has been issued.

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