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Company Tax Return

Every company that managed and controlled in the UK is subject to Corporation Tax on their profits and are required to file a company tax return.


Companies that are non-UK registered can still be expected to pay Corporation Tax and file a company tax return, if the centre of management is based in the UK.


Company Tax Self Assessment (CTSA) was introduced in 1999. It completed the self assessment reforms introduced for individuals some years earlier by extending the principles of personal tax return to company tax.


The key features of the self assessment for company tax return are:

  • a company is required to pay the tax due in advance of filing a company tax return
  • When the company tax return is filed a ‘process now, check later’ enquiry regime meaning the company tells HMRC the liability for corporation tax using all the tax rules and they support this calculation with the company accounts then HMRC will decide any areas they may wish to enquire into.
  • Separate declaration is required in the company tax return on loans and advances to shareholders and others, and of liabilities under Controlled Foreign Companies legislation and transfer pricing declarations which is dependent on the size of the company.


This puts a lot of responsibility on the directors of a company and therefore we at

KR Accountants recommend you appoint a good tax accountant such as ourselves.


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